Working on Event Payments (03/29/2016)

This week I am working on event payments. Here are some of the changes I am trying to get done:


- Redesigning the workflow so that you can pay for multiple RSVPs at once by putting RSVPs in a shopping cart until you are ready to pay


- Allowing users to choose between paying with a money account or a credit card (Stripe) or PayPal


- Allowing a troop to accept payment via Stripe and PayPal rather than just one of the two


- Allowing troops to specify that users are responsible for Stripe/PayPal transaction fees


- Allowing troops to specify that they are responsible for TroopTrack transaction fees


- Allowing troops to accept manual payments (checks, cash, etc) for items in a shopping cart


- Preventing users from paying for a shopping cart with a money account that doesn't have adequate funds


I hope I can get this done and live soon - I will keep you posted.


~ Dave


Please work faster on this. Many of the items on this list posted in March is now causing me grief with the families in my Pack since migrating to TroopTrack. Lack of these features (primarily shopping cart) when we had them with our old site (SOAR) is really giving a bad taste in their mouths for TroopTrack. I don’t understand why I need to do multiple PayPal transactions for RSVPs to a single event… makes no sense.

Multiple RSVPs, please!

Another vote on multiple RSVPs on the household. We are currently struggling with exact this issue. Our fall campout is a council event, so we need to provide attendance lists, so just adding “guests” doesn’t really cut it. We still need to then generate manual attendance lists for the council. In addition it would be really useful if we could have a small notes section on the RSVP so you can make a clarification on the RSVP (e.g. will participate 2 nights, arriving Friday etc). Ability to collect Paypal payments was really one of the main reasons to switch, but the current setup is causing us some real headaches …


Another vote! Our cubmaster just complained to me about this very issue. We have parents trying to RSVP for our upcoming overnight and are frustrated by the fact they not only have to complete multiple transactions, but are charged the fees (25c for TroopTrack, 30c for PayPal) for each person.

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I would love to see this integrated with Square as well.

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Is there a way yet to accept (annotate) manual payments (cash or check) when RSVP is required? Thanks.

+1 for the shopping cart option. While the Paypal RSVP is nicely integrated, the issue of separate transactions for each RSVP is ludicrous. We have an annual family Spring Sleepover and for a family of 4 the need to have 4 separate Paypal transactions is very inefficient. The costs aren’t the main issue for us - it’s the time required to do the RSVP. (Though the additional processing fees are another reason for parents to get aggravated.) We’ve told our parents to bypass the TT option if they want to save time and instead send a “friends and family” payment directly to our PP email. We want to use TT RSVP/payment because it integrates the tracking with members, but not in its current inefficient state.

Like many others on the forum, it’s difficult to have parents use the RSVP option if it takes them 10 minutes in TT to process an RSVP to an event, in contrast to 1 minute to send an email RSVP and go into their PP account and send us money.

Thanks for the consideration.