Credit card fees and multi scout families

As we roll out credit card payment we have hit a few topics that I don’t know the answer to. One is credit card fees for multi scout families. If I RSVP one scout at a time, I pay the $0.55 fee each time. Is there any way to avoid this and pay for the two scouts by RSVPing for them together? I am thinking this is not as big of a deal as I initially thought, because we are using scout accounts and can just tell parents who object that there is a “fee free” way to pay. But it would seem to be a better solution to only charge the fees once for a single RSVP for that family. Is it possible to do this and I am just missing it? Of course another way is to tell the parent to make a deposit to their scout account using Paypal. Though that is a two step process.


Yes it would be nice if there was a “cart” option for instances like this.I think it would be easier for families to RSVP everyone at once anyway. For instance if my daughter and myself are both going to an event, I have to RSVP for myself, then go back in and RSVP for her. It would be nice if I could do us both at the same time. Then if we have to pay, the fees would be added up together and I could pay one time.

Hi @Stevehassenzahl,

Please change this category to “Ideas”. Right now there is not a way to purchase for a household all at once, but that sounds like a pretty good idea.

Thank you.

Moved this to the idea category. The idea is to allow a person, when RSVPing, to add multiple household members to the RSVP and only pay once. This would mean the person would only pay the ~$0.55 fee once if paying by credit card.

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The cart idea would be great.

Please move this to a high priority product enhancement as this should have been implemented prior to Beta or release, in my opinion. Paying $1.10 for every event when it should be $ .55 adds up over a year when you have a campout monthly.

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