NEW FEATURE: Venture Crew tab for their awards (ranks)

Make tab for the Venture crew site that has the progression awards (like scout ranks) in its own tab not under general awards. AND be able to print out process reports for these.

In TroopTrack for the Scout Troops there is a report Under the Achieve Icon : Print Individual Progress report. This report shows all the accomplishments/steps for each of the Scout ranks from Scout - Eagle and the date when the individual earned that step. This is wonderful to show them, use for Board of Reviews, and help them plan.

In Venture Crew there are four achievement levels one can earn. They are list in TroopTrack under “other” on the members achievement page. Which is theory correct because BSA calls these awards versus ranks in Venture crew But they are progressive, need board of reviews and are the achievement status in Venture. They are Venturing, Discovery, Pathfinder, and Summit (Summit is equal to eagle with project, management and all. )

In TroopTrack these are listed under “other” in the crew members achievement page. It would be helpful if these four achievement awards could be pulled out of “other” area where they are lumped into with regular BSA awards and have a tab added to this page of their own; “Venture Awards” on the Venture Crew web site. Thus the tabs would be rank; merit badges, Venture awards, other.

At very least what I need is these 4 awards to have an Individual Venture Progress Report, in the Achieve reports area. That would be helpful.

NOTE: Please don’t remove the Troop Scouting ranks or progress report as member can earn the upper troop ranks in Venture Crew to earn Eagle. So please add Venture separate charting not remove or replace any Troop Rank/ merit Badge items. I am currently doing both for 3 of my crew members.


I’m adding this to the to-do list but I can’t promise it will be in v1 of TT4.

Thank fine. Just would be very helpful to Crews.

Went a little crazy and got it done. Check it out and let me know what you think.


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This is wonderful!! It will be so nice for the youth to see their 'awards" in Venture carry same value as scouting.

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