Single page checklist for parents

I am looking for a simple 1 page handout that i can print from Troop track on a monthly basis that shows the parent what their scout has earned so far and what is left to earn. If you take a look at this attached from another council, it would be perfect if I could print either 1 or all of my Bear den with this 1 pager and the details filled in on where they are with progress.
Is this available and I can’t find it? I am a tech person in IT and I could not find anything close to this. The reports that I did find are not useful at all.


Have tried to go to Manage > Members > User Accounts. On that page select the scout’s name on the left. Select the Advancement tab at the top. Then on the top right select Reports and there you can select different versions of the reports.

Hi. That ‘sort of worked’. I did not have those exact links, but i was able to find what you meant. The problem is that the 2 reports offered:
Detail - way to much. It was EVERYTHING ever done. So as a bear, it’s not important to see what was done in Tiger year.
Summary - closer, but not very descriptive enough. I was hoping for something more simple for a NON-scout type parent to understand. something like this:

I will have to do manually for now.

I too am searching for a way to do this. It shouldn’t be that big of a deal. PLEASE ADD!!! The free CubTrax spreadsheet has it, and it is very necessary to Cub Leaders. If they could take the detailed list and let us filter it to just show Bear Rank Adventures, etc. is all we need.