New Otter Achievement Requirements

Hi team, so new achievements requirements are being rolled out by BPSA-US for Otter badges, we got word that they’ve made the changes official and have approved them. The badges are not changing but the requirements to earn them are.

Because it will probably take some time before all the groups move over to the new requirements (and in some cases where scouts have already started working toward badges), there will need to be some timeframe where both old and new requirements can be recorded in the system. I would propose setting up a whole new badge structure with the new requirements (where, for example, the new version might be called “Helping Badge (Red Paw), New Version”). This will allow tracking of both old and new badges as well as giving leaders a choice as to when they phase over to the new requirements.

I can’t upload to the message, so will link the BPSA-US Field Book here.

If you need the requirements formatted a specific way to make importing more easy, please let me know.

Thank you!

Hi all! Just following up on this, hadn’t heard anything either way and really want to get these new requirements in place. Thank you!

We have this on the to-do list, but we are also currently rather short-staffed and trying to take care of a number of other bug fixes and other issues. I apologize for the delay!

Understood - if there is anything I can do to help facilitate, let me know.

Is there anyway that BPSA members could help in this endeavor? Like properly formatting the data for you, or is your platform open source (accepting pull requests would be awesome…)?

@MarkNovick @ungood

I finally added in the new Otter badges. Sorry about the delay. The new badges have the same title with the word (NEW) on the end, as in the example above - “Helping Badge (Red Paw) (NEW)” or “Safety Badge (NEW)”.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please let me know! :slight_smile:

Delayed thank you. We’ve been using the new requirements and it’s been great not to have to track things in a spreadsheet anymore :slight_smile: