New Youth Protection YPT2

Am I missing the NEW youth protection? Has it already been entered into the training?


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Hi Belwood413, I was looking at the same thing today. The previous YPT course is Y01 but the new YPT (for Boy Scouts at least) is actually 4 courses. It would be great to have the training options in Troop Track updated to reflect the new training so we can track it before the deadline hits on 9/30/18. hint.hint TroopTrack? : )



I agree, it would be nice to have this. Updated ASAP. It is coming close and I was hoping to use this as the YPT tracking source, and I can not.

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Steven Stuart
CubMaster - Pack 689

Youth protection is not complete until all 4 modules are complete, So, I’m not sure why you would want them separated. Also, you do not get a separate certificate for each module. All this would do is create more data entry tasks for the Troop Training Chair. Am I woring?


Sorry, my comment applies to the new BSA family scouting YPT - which is still Y01. I dno’t know about YPT2.


The new BSA Family Scouting YPT is what people are referring to as YPT2, and it is still certification Y01 according to my.scouting as well as ScoutingU, Yes there are now 4 individual modules but the overall certification is still the same.

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