Newsletter Formatting seems Messed Up

What happened with the newsletter formatting and will it go back to how it was? (Or has it already been fixed?)

We send newsletters out weekly. The last “normal” newsletter was on Feb 24, 2023. Since then, it’s like the width of the newsletter has been doubled but nothing else has been enlarged to compensate!

Looking at the newsletter on my phone, if I don’t zoom in, the text is so small, I can read it. And the custom header graphic is only about half as wide as the newsletter whereas it used to extend the entire length. If I do zoom in, I can read the text (though it’s still quite small) but then the lines extend off the edge and I have to continually scroll right and left to read things!

Looking at the newsletter on my laptop, the text is still the same size as before I think, but again, it extends off the side of the screen. I have to use the bottom scroll bar to shift right and left repeatedly!

I’m debating making all my text and pictures in the announcements huge so when they “shrink” they’ll hopefully still be legible. But if the issue HAS been fixed, then people may be shocked by the HUGE TEXT.

Not sure what to do. Or why this happened and no one else seems to have talked about it here, even though it’s been happening for a month. (I did see some comments on a FB group about it a few weeks ago…)

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Here’s what it looks like on my phone, when i do nothing…

And when i zoom in…

And here a view from my laptop (notice the header doesn’t eve reach the halfway point and the text is cut off, giving me a scroll bar at the bottom)