Announcement/ Newsletter fonts and formatting

Hi @dave,

I’ve had trouble getting the fonts to look consistent since TT4 was released. I would add an entry to an existing Announcement, and the font wouldn’t match a previous entry. Last week I worked on it and I was able to get things to look right while editing an Announcement, but something is still not right, especially in the Newsletter. (I am comparing the formatting of the 2 entries about the Medical badge and the AHG DC Metro area team.)

  1. After editing the Announcement > Select All > Arial. It looks pretty consistent, with the exception of the font size of “click here” (I am not sure if the person who added that announcement meant to make it bigger).

  1. Then I saved it. The font changes at the email address “” and for the rest of that announcement, until you get to the “click here.”

  1. Then I look at it on my dashboard, and it looks pretty good (except for that “click here”):


  1. Then I Preview the Newsletter, and (I think?) it looks funny again, where the email address is.


  1. It is a little hard to tell, which is why it has taken me so long to write this feedback, but it is very apparent in other announcements. I hope you can see that the formatting of all the text in this other announcement, including the 2 addresses, is the mostly same (except “Cards/letters/care packages”):

  1. But in the Newsletter Preview, the addresses are formatted completely differently:

Can you tell me if I am doing something wrong? I try to make everything Arial now for consistency’s sake, but when I looked at the Newsletter I just received, I see funny surprises.

I appreciate that this is a very loooooooow priority thing. :slightly_smiling_face:

And, an aside, is there a way to have size 16 font? Somehow 14 looks too small on my screen, and 18 looks too big. :slight_smile:

Thank you!


Generally speaking whatever you format/design in the text editor will be reflected in wherever you send or post the text. TroopTrack saves the formatting styles from the text editor. This includes everything such as color, highlights, size, backgrounds, bolding, italics, etc. The only thing that will vary is sometimes the font as some email clients will interpret this a bit differently.

When constructing your message, if you are pasting text from different sources, the text editor will save the formatting from the source you copied the text from. This is the reason you are getting different sizes, fonts, and sometimes colors and spacing within your message.

To make the formatting for all text in the text editor consistent I would suggest first clearing the formatting of all text. Then you can go in and edit/design/format the text as you wish. To clear formatting simply highlight the text then click on the “A” with the slash through it:

Once formatting has been cleared, then use the text editor to style it as you’d like it to appear.

I will ask our tech team if 16 size font is available.

Hopefully that helps a bit,

Thank you, @Tyler!

I went ahead and cleared the formatting of all but 1 of the announcements, and then reformatted with bold, font size, etc. Those looked like they were formatted consistently.

There was one announcement (the one with the addresses) that would not reformat, even though I did control-A and hit the “clear formatting” button. The addresses stayed the same, and the bullets did not get cleared.

Just trivial details, I know - just wanted to let you know that there still seems to be something funny about it (from my expectations of formatting).

But I think for the most part I am all set. Thank you for your help!

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