No more "comatose" pages! (01/28/2016)

This morning we released an important change to the way web pages are accessed. In the past, web pages have included the word "comatose" in them. This was because TroopTrack web pages were originally based on a product called Comatose. It's a stupid name for a product, and maybe that's why it was eventually abandoned by its creators! When they abandoned Comatose, we re-wrote web pages ourselves, but the word "comatose" remained in our web page URLs. Many of you have complained about this because it's confusing. After all, who wants to read a "comatose page"?


Well, no more. From now on, web pages will have very normal urls, like this:


No more comatose!


But wait! What if people have bookmarked one of our pages? Won't this break those bookmarks?




We've done this in a backward compatible way so that old links with the word comatose in them will still work, like this one:


We've had a ton of tickets asking for this change, so we hope you're pleased with this change.


REMINDER: Our office (and our helpdesk) will be CLOSED tomorrow at 3:00 CT and all day Saturday while we move to our new office location.


Have a great day!


~ Dave