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My troop parents and I do not like that a notification gets sent out for an event after an edit is made. We always need to make changes to the information in an event but it does not need to go out again. If we want it to go out immediately, we can ask the program to do that for us. Can the automatic re-sending of events please be turned off after an edit is made?

Yesterday, I went back and added service hours to a service project we had scheduled in our calendar in May. TT sent everyone a new invitation to participate in a past event. Please turn this feature off. We didn’t need to be invited to an event that is already passed just because I added service hours.

How do we turn off notifications after an RSVP is “no”?

Also, there are many questions already on here that I wanted to know the answers for but can’t find where them, just more questions.

Hi @wencib,

When you edit your event, set “Send invites when” and “Send reminders when” to never and they won’t get an additional email about the change.

This would be the same answer for people who have RSVP’d “no”. Currently, more troops than not would like people to be informed of changes made to events. If you have to make an edit and you don’t want it to go out to everyone, just change the invite and reminder to never. Also, it may be a better practice to update the hours under record attendance rather than on the event itself.

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Thanks for your quick reply! I understand that the majority rules. Please keep in your notes that my 20 families do not want to be notified when we make minor changes to an event (if you’re keeping a tally). I had been changing it to “never” but then sometimes I have forgotten to go back in and tell it to resend the reminder as it gets closer.

Are notifications automatically turned off when a person RSVP’s “No”?

Hi @wencib,

You may be able to leave the reminder on, if you so choose. I believe updating an event will just send “another invite” or rather a notification of a change, but leaving the reminder to whatever you’d like shouldn’t effect it. If you are going back to an old one, I’d definitely put both to “never” just to be safe.

Notifications are not automatically turned off for people who RSVP “No”. If a change is made to an event that may alter their RSVP response, it might be good for them to know. They should still only receive the initial invite and a reminder if you set them and if you make a change and don’t want the notification to go out, just put “never” under “send invites when”.

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So, do I understand correctly that an email notifier goes out automatically when an event is created? If that’s the case, then the “send invites when” is actually a reminder, just like the “send reminder when”. If we only want families to get an initial invite and then a reminder right before the event, we should put “never” for “send invites when”, is that correct? Sometimes we put events on the calendar months in advance and an email invitation at that time would be way to early.

And a new notification goes out every time a change is made to the event? If that’s true, it would be nice to be able to turn that on or off. Usually the calendar is planned for the whole year and dates go on months in advance but details come later. I would like to be able to turn off notification at least up until a certain point.

With the automatic notifications with every change, sometimes families get so many trooptrack notifiers that they stop reading them altogether (unfortunately).

Hi @BonnieCzuhajewski,

I was probably being clear as mud (it happens sometimes).

Invite and reminder are the only emails that go out. You can choose to not send them at all. The initial invite does not have to be at that moment. You can say "7 days before) or whatever you’d like.

If you have either the reminder or the invite set to “Today” a new email will be sent out each time you make an adjustment.

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Now no one is receiving invitations from the calendar even though the event is set to notify 7 days in advance (and then a reminder in 1 day). Please advise.