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I would really love to to be able to know who has made changes/modification/RSVPs when they happen. I don’t like that I have to log in and view each event to find out that someone has left a message that actually requires my feedback and I didn’t even know it happened until days later.

I have 13 scouts in my troop and would not mind getting notifications every time one of them RSVP’d, especially if I could decide to subscribe to changes or not.

I could see this feature handy not only for events, but for sign up lists, checkboxes, finances, and merit badges - anything really that changes - and I am not the person who change it - I think having that insight would be amazing.

I had this insight with Scoutlander, and it was VERY helpful! This website has way more nice features, but that it something I miss from scoutlander.


Good morning @LeaderBear,

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So you would like to be able to check a box that sends you an email every time a change is made to an RSVP or an event (Let’s start with this for now)?

I know a lot of people would hate getting bombarded with emails for every little thing, but having it default to off and allowing you to change it so you receive those notifications could be pretty useful.

Let’s see what the rest of the community has to say and then our developers will consider it.

Thank you!

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Yes, that is exactly right! Having the subscription service and the ability to turn on/off notifications would be FABULOUS - starting with RSVPs is the right way to go, then moving on from there - sounds great! I would love to see this happen!



@LeaderBear thank you for linking my thread to this. @mlsully2002 there was some support on my previous thread for this. That is the one thing I do miss about my previous site was the option to be emailed every time an RSVP is changed. This way I had a time stamped record of changes made. I love this idea to expand it to other things like checklists and sign ups!!

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