I am getting notifications for a low balance in my account. The problem is I currently have a zero balance in my account. I think a negative balance notification would be good, but not when you’re sitting at $0.00.

Hi Justin,

I just talked with our tech team.

They have created a low balance notification as a simple reminder for those users with a low balance. This notification is a message to let troop members know that they can credit their money account. Based off of some troop leader feedback, currently the low balance notifications go out once a week for any account with a balance below $10.

Happy to hear about what kind of feedback you have and we can definitely change that functionality.


I don’t have any problem with the notification, I just don’t see the value for a weekly notification for members who have a balance between $0-$10. The majority of my members accounts have a balance of $0 all year long. In those cases that notification is not helpful but annoying. I can completely understand a negative balance notification. That is where I see more value.

Hey @Tyler I agree with @JustinWeaver. The way we use Money Accounts most of our users stay at $0 most of the time. It would be great if there were a setting to give choice since so many use the system differently.

Aaron and Justin,

This is definitely something we can change. I see what you are saying. What if TroopTrack changed the schedule of the low balance notifications. May I suggest:

  • For a balance $0-$10 in a member’s money account, that member will receive a notification once a month.
  • For a balance that is below $0, anything negative, we notify that member once a week

Is that something more reasonable? Let me know your thoughts.


Thanks @Tyler,
That is better than weekly for now but it would be great if this could be put onto the Developers, increasingly long, list of ideas to give Units the choice of how and when to send out balance notifications.


For now we have changed the logic for the zero balance notification as follows:

  • money account balance $0-$10 = user will be notified once a month
  • money account balance that is below $0, anything negative = user will be notified once a week

In the future we have plans to give leaders the ability to manage notifications, but for now this is a happy medium.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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So sorry I am late to the game, @tyler. I was just checking in to the forum to give feedback on this very issue.

  1. My main issue: if someone in our troop has a balance of $0, that means they have paid off all that they owe to the troop. We do not want anyone to receive notifications that they have a low balance when they are at $0, or greater than $0 (by accident). $0 is the goal, in our troop.

That means my preference would be to strike your first bullet point. No notifications for $0 or greater balances.

  1. My secondary issue: Is there a way to turn off the low-balance notifications altogether, so that none are sent?

In our troop, we do not want people bringing money in every time we meet, because it is inconvenient for our treasurer to deposit the money with the charter organization. Currently our treasurer sends an individual email out to families when she is ready to receive their payments. If we could turn the notification off for most of the year, but the treasurer could turn the notifications on for the times when she wants people to bring in their payments, that would work beautifully for us. :slight_smile:

  1. During the times that the treasurer would want the notifications on, we would like everyone with a negative balance to receive a weekly notification, as you have indicated in your second bullet point.

I hope I haven’t missed the window for feedback on this change! :slight_smile:

Thank you!


Hi @mwestcott1,

Unfortunately there is not a way to control notifications troop-wide. The only way to control notifications is a way built for individual members to turn on and off their own personal notifications. Each individual member can access their own notifications settings by going to the “Settings” Tab on their profile:

I can talk with our developers to eliminate the $0 balance notification (the first bullet point) as it looks like most groups (troops) have no need for it because they like the money accounts to remain at a balance of $0.

I will put this on their todo list.

Thanks for the feedback.

@Tyler, there is never a one way fits everyone. I guarantee if you remove the $0 balance notification all together you will have other units that will come to the Community asking why it went away. Most people only come here when they have a problem, they are not necessarily staying up on current discussions. I think overall the best course of action would be to leave it as is until the dev team can come up with a way to give choice to each unit through settings for how to handle Money Account Notifications. I do remember discussion previously from units that wanted the $0 notification because they do not allow Money accounts to go negative.

Your information about how an individual can turn off the notifications for themselves is invaluable as it does not require a system wide change and only those that don’t like the notification can choose to turn it off for themselves.

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Thank you for the update, @Tyler.

I agree with @AaronStorey that there will be troops that need different functionality. As long as there is a way for us to turn off the notification for each user, we can just shut it off. It is not a feature we would use in our troop, so it doesn’t make sense for you to factor in our preferences. :slight_smile:



Let’s plan on keeping it as is, mainly because we did receive feedback from multiple other TroopTrack users that they like to keep their members’ money accounts with some amount of a balance. This was the main reason we initially built in the $0 balance notification.

I will talk with the tech team about building in troop-wide notification controls. Until then you can individually control the notifications so if your members get annoyed of the notification you can direct them to those individual notification controls.

Thanks everyone. Again thank you for your feedback.