Automatic Emails for Money Accounts

One of the reasons we migrated to Troop Track more than a year ago was the ability for individuals to manage and review their money/scout accounts. We are a large troop, so it became a challenge for our treasurer to keep 80+ families continually updated on the status of their accounts from a paper report. The one thing that would make this whole process better would be the addition of a “low balance” setting that could be set per unit so that when an individual account went below the low balance threshold, an email could be automatically sent to the family suggesting that they add money to their account. The low balance could be “0” or “$25” or whatever the unit deemed appropriate. This would save a great deal of manual work and also save the hassle of individual conversations about money…


This is a great idea. I know I have had some issues with parents not checking. One thing I did find is if you send a message out and include the generic link to only accounts they have access to will show up. For parents or scouts this will be any accounts within their Household. Its not perfect as they still need to click the link and log in but it does give them a quick direct look at their balance.
Also if you use the Newsletter it shows the owner of the money account their balance right at the top when the Newsletter goes out. Again not a direct specific e-mail, which I think is a great idea, but for now another way to put it in front of them.

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