On line payment for early bird summer camp


For summer camp there is a fee for early on line registration and another for regular registration. Is there way for people who RSVP to pay one fee on one date and if after that date pay another. Or is it simply a matter of making the invite with one fee and RSVP date and then changing the RSVP date and payment fee after the initial early payment?

second part of that question. Is there a way if we wanted to do installment due on certain dates until we get to a dollar amount that is good for summer camp?


HI @randolph.terrell,

This feature was requested recently and is on our todo list (though it is pretty low right now).

To collect fees on different dates, it might be best to create two events. One for the initial payment and another for the actual event.

You may also charge a fee to their individual money accounts which they will be able to pay for in person or though their profile.