Event Payment Update

We just released an bug fix for event payments. If you are using online event payments AND you had three specific settings turned on, you were affected by this bug. The settings are:

  • Require members to pay credit card processing fees?
  • Allow members to pay fees with individual money accounts?
  • Allow members to pay fees with credit cards?

So… if you had all three of these turned on, a member would be assessed a credit card fee even if they were paying with a money account. This is now fixed.

Have a great weekend!


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Hi Dave,

Thanks for the update. How exactly does the credit card processing work if paying with credit card?

I created a quick test event and I was expecting to see an option to pay with credit card. I don’t see that option. Below is a screenshot of my screen when RSVPing.



Try it again now. Until our latest release, you couldn’t choose between money accounts and credit cards when purchasing a ticket if you had both enabled - it only allowed money accounts.

This is HUGE for us! Thank you so much!

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I am having this issue NOW. Please advise how to fix it.

Hi Karen,
What issue are you having specifically? Sorry if I’m dense…

~ Dave

I am the Troop’s Treasurer and I am trying to set up online payments. I have created a Stripe account and linked it to the “Credit Card Payment Provider”. I cannot seem to select or enter a “Default Money Account” though. I try to “Change Online Payment Setting” and there is a blank box with no options. How do I do this? Thanks. Liam

Same as sgaines above…I added PayPal as an option but it automatically charges the TT processing fee on all event payments, even if they pay with cash!

Hi @LiamdePaor and @karengottlieb

When using a credit card to pay for an event, I have been changing the default account for the event. The option is under the advanced tab. You will need to create the account first, then go into the event and choose that particular event.

When an adult goes to pay for an event using a credit card, they will be prompted to pay the balance + Stripe processing fees + 25 cent TroopTrack fee. When you look at the line item of this transaction, you will see the credit card cost + Stripe processing fee of the event, and a 2nd transaction subtracting the processing fee. See below- Our camp out was $10.00

For scout account deposits by credit card, the deposits go directly to the scout account, fees and all :slight_smile:

I hope this helps!


Not fixed… a transaction fee is still being charged even when paying from a Scout Account. The natives are becoming restless.

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I am having the same issue…I set up an event with the option to pay via PayPal OR scout account. Transaction fees are being charged on ALL types of transactions - even scout account ones. So, I naturally went in and turned off CC processing so we could fix the issue. No bueno. Transaction fees are STILL SHOWING even though the ONLY option is to pay via scout account. WHAT???

@karengottlieb - this is a bug. We will fix it soon. Right now we are in the middle of an upgrade that we need to finish first and then I will look into it. This might happen today, depending on how the upgrade goes.

~ Dave

As of the 9/21/16 product update announcing this was fixed… it still has a partial bug. “Effectively”, it is fixed in that it is no longer deducting the CC fees when paying from Scout Accounts, however, TT still shows that the CC fee is owed.

Here is a view of a $10 “ticket” purchased from an individual money account… Total fee shows “$10.61”… which is confusing families.

When I view the “Payment History” for this test event, it still shows an amount due for these unnecessary CC fees… which is confusing the Treasurer.

This is confusing behavior.


I’ve opened a helpdesk ticket for this issue but haven’t had a response since this fix was applied. The bug fix resolved the credit card usage fee being applied with the payment made from a TT money account, but the fee is now showing up as a balance due. I have uploaded a screen shot to the helpdesk ticket.

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One more thing I ran into today. We have the setting that allows a money account to be used when there are insufficient funds set to No. We also require payment at RSVP. However, an event isn’t requiring payment at the time of RSVP and when the payment was charged it took the payment from the Scout’s money account and put in WAY in the negative. So both online payment setting are not being respected.

Can we please have an ETA for getting this stuff fixed? I know you are working on updates, but messing around with people’s money is scary and so is our Treasurer. :fearful:

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