TroopTrack Notifier

Is it possible to personalise the notifier emails and have it “TroopName via TroopTrack Notifier” or similar? This would align with all the other communication received.

Could you please provide me with a little bit more specific info on what it is you mean by this?

I am still pretty new at TT, so please bear with me!

Communication emails and newsletters are received from “TroopName via

Event reminder emails come from “TroopTrack Notifier”

It would be great if all emails to our troop say “TroopName via” to be consistent and less confusing for our families.

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I would actually go a step further and request all emails (newsletters, reminders, announcements, etc.) just have “TroopName” in the “from” field and get rid of “via”. Just my $0.02. :wink:


Some of our families are ignoring Troop Track messages, but I am not sure why.

I wonder if part of it is the automated-sounding Sender name, “Troop Track Notifier.” If that could have the name of the meeting scheduler, or even just our Troop Coordinator, that might be better. I would vote to get rid of the “via” as well.

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Agreed on the need to change the email header information to make it customizable for the unit. A lot of our parents don’t use TT enough to instantly recognize “TroopTrack Notifier” as a valid sender.

We used to have this same problem with the emails generated by the cloud software we develop at work, and a lot of people would either mark it as spam or it would get deleted by email systems outright before the user ever saw them.

We corrected the issue by formatting the DKIM email headers properly when they are generated so it doesn’t trigger spam while still having the sender display as whatever the user had customized. Your dev team can look that info up, if they’re not familiar with it, it’s pretty straightforward.

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