Adding Images to Events

Our service unit creates flyers for most of our events. It would be helpful if we could include the flyer as an image on the event as the way of disseminating the details instead of having to retype everything into the details field.


Hi @GSEP2888!

You can add an attachment to an event from the “Advanced” editing tab. It will then appear in the “Details” section of the event under “Attachment.”

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Yes, but that only gives you a link for the attachment. I want something so when they open the event, the image is already there, not just a link.


Oh! Sorry, I misunderstood! Let’s hear some support from the community and if the idea gets enough support we will consider adding this feature.

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Our Troop would definitely benefit from this feature. I would love to be able to copy my Word doc into the event, including graphics and hit “create”!


Our troop could use this as well. There are many documents I would like to have available specific to events only - there’s not other reason to have them around! I’d hate to throw them into a completely separate ‘documents’ structure just to have to go through and delete those later once they are no longer valid.

If I have a PDF flyer or an image file that gives information specific to a single event - or even a permission slip filled out specifically for an event, then I want a way to at least link it to an event - even better, to be able to send it via email as an attachment!

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Count my Pack in. It would make newsletters a lot prettier.

Would Announcements get the feature at the same time?

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We would love this feature. There are times when someone has made a nice flyer and nobody sees is because they don’t read the link or when I would like to add a picture or image to make something more interesting or clear.