Pages not fully loading on mobile devices

When viewing long lists (households, and sign up sheets) on mobile devices, the page won’t scroll down, as if the bottom of the page has been reached.

Hi @NicholasKoch,

I’m not able to re-create this issue on my device. I was able to scroll all the way down to the households.

What device are you using?


David Keener

I’m using a pixel 3. The behavior is not consistent. My guess is the page stops loading or hangs while loading. This happens when I’m connected to a strong wifi signal, when other sites and apps where functioning as expected.

Thanks for looking into it. Maybe it’s related to the recent server slowness.


I have also experienced this scrolling issue on my Galaxy 7 phone. It became so bad, I deleted the app and access TT on my phone exclusively through my browser.

Hum… I was experiencing the scrolling issue on my phone’s browser.