Participation Sign In Form

We use the sign in sheet for every event we participate in. However, many of the fields do not apply and it makes using the form more difficult than it should be. Would it be possible to do one of the following:

1 (preferred) : Simplified Form

  • Remove all Youth and Adult Attending fields

  • Remove Youth Guest and Adult Guest columns

  • Do not pre-populate zeros in the Miles Driven column

  • Put the Sign In and Sign Out blocks on the same line so there is only one row per name

2 Allow the form to be exported to Excel so that it can be manually edited

Feel free to contact me if yo have any questions and I can provide an example of what we are looking for if that will help.

Thank you.

Hi @SteveFesko,

There is the simplified sheet which has what you’re looking for. If you click on the event, then click “details” and “record attendance/RSVP’s” a drop down menu will appear. On that you can click “simple sign in sheet” which will have the sign in and out blocks on the same line. You can also choose to download that file or print it.


David Keener