Sign In Sheets - Add all invited

It would be great if Sign-In sheets could list all those invited instead of just the youth. During these Covid times it would be a great resource to have everyone invited, adult or youth, so we can easily find their name.

Hi @PrestonKorn,

If you click “attendance sheet” you can get a filtered sign in sheet, and on that you can filter to “attendees” only".


David Keener

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Ahhhhh, I see how to use the attendance sheet now. I wasn’t clicking on the “customize” button when making changes there so I didn’t understand the full potential of this. Of course it’s not really a sign-in sheet though (no place to initial or sign officially), but it does give all the names.

Still, would be nice to have all the names for the sign-in sheet. For example, we’re going to be implementing everyone signing in, checking temperature, etc so it’d be nice to have the adult names there as well. Perhaps even a customize option to group by households so every name is together when signing in?


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