Pay directly for event by check/cash without using Scout account

As treasurer, I would like to be able to enter a Scout’s check or cash payment for an event without having to do a deposit into the Scout account, and then to “charge” the Scout’s account for the event. So the payment would go directly into the primary account (or event account). This would be similar to how PayPal payments for an event work.

Right now, if a Scout RSVPs and then pays me in person for an event by check/cash, I have to do two transactions - deposit the money into the scout account, then “charge” the Scout for the event. So this doubles my work for these payments.

I know other troops would like to run everything through the Scout Account, but I would like this other option. And with the way that direct PayPal payments for events go directly to the event/primary troop account, you really can’t run everything through the Scout account unless you turn off PayPal. I don’t want to do that.

If I am missing an existing way to do this, please let me know. Thanks.


Right now your best option is this workflow:

The user RSVP’s for an event and charges it to their scout account (you may have to allow for negative balances), they give you the cash, you enter the transaction. Just the one.

So if I allow a scout to pay with PayPal or their account balance, I’ll see the option for each. If they use PayPal, it’s done. If they want to pay with a check or something, they pay with their account balance, give you the check, and you enter it as paid.

We may create a “paid” button in the future, but currently this allows for the most flexibility, including partial payments.


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This is a good workflow, provided we can get them to RSVP.

I thought there was some discussion to make RSVP’ing easier, by email versus hyperlink to event, login, and RSVP.

Are there any easy ways for unit members to RSVP to kick off this workflow?

RSVPs from emails will come after the new email system is finalized.

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In the mean time, there’s no cure for lazy users.

Thanks for the update.

Just to be ornery - what if we didn’t have individual Scout Accounts? Right now, we do not allow users to pay from their Scout Account - only me. We tried it the other way, but decided we did not like negative Scout Account balances as a general rule.

Think of a situation where there is only the Troop Primary account in TroopTrack. A Scout can RSVP and pay with PayPal and the money goes into the Troop account. Or a Scout RSVPs and pays by check/cash in person at the meeting. Then, if you have the PAID button for the event (only for certain authority to use), the treasurer can use that button (maybe with a comment so I can say cash/check/credit card), that would be sufficient for me. Or it could even generate the payment to the Troop account like the PayPal payment did.

This way a Troop would not have to set up individual Scout Accounts if not desired. We do have individual accounts, and they are useful. But I am just trying to better manage TroopTrack vs. my accounting for trip payments vs. true deposits into Scout Accounts.

Just my thoughts. I hope that shows interest in the Paid button and moves it up the list?:blush:

Thank you for the reply.