PDF current display

I’d like to see an ability to create a PDF of what is currently displayed on screen.

I often use the filters and summary to display information as I want to limit by section, dates and not include everything. To be able to email/print/share this as I see it on screen would be a huge advantage. Could the participation book and badge book have a PDF option added?

Second to this, I’d like to see a current time and date added as a footer to all PDFs so that I can quickly reference which is the latest copy.


It would be great to have pdf or csv of data seen on the screen with filters applied. Otherwise all you can do is dump it in excel and redo all the filters again.

I believe most if not all of our reports retain filters when you use their specific filters. It’s that green, online only filter that trips people up sometimes.

Being able to take a snapshot of data on any given page and print it as a PDF is a little much right now, but in the future, when we switch to the new infrastructure, maybe.

If you want to show what is literally just on your screen (not an entire report that might go beyond one screen) you should have a program on your computer called ‘Snipping Tool’. This allows you to take a screen shot of anything displayed on your screen.
Hope this helps until a PDF is available. :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately not everything fits on the display when dealing with 30+ youth members and often I’ll have to scroll, so screen shots become multiple quickly and then its just painful. I can print from a browser, but it doesn’t format nicely to tell me what the report is with headers or footers.

And no @mlsully2002 when you export to csv the filters you applied are ignored, so you have to reapply any filtering in excel as @ChristopherShackelfo said.

Just to make sure we’re on the same page.

This green button does not and will not filter any reports for printing. This is for on site filtering only and no, we cannot make it apply to printing at this time. In the future, yes, but that’s a major feature.

The badge book appears to retain filters:

As does the custom directory:

You can also create custom reports and those should all retain their filters.

So aside from the green button, what filters are not being retained? I need to know where it is so I can test and fix it.