PENDING: Chat Reply Box Covered by Keyboard

When using a mobile device, the chat reply box is covered by the on-screen keyboard and I’m not able to scroll the screen up to uncover the box. The result is I can’t see what I’m typing until I collapse the keyboard.

Dave, the Admin has to give you a permission to edit chatterboxes, however, editing will be limited to renaming it or adding a new one.

My question is : once the comment is added, can you edit or remove it?

@toregan1, we have added this to the todo list. It looks like it is only happening on Android. I would like to confirm that those are android mobile screenshots.

@IgorVeksler, there currently is no ability to edit or remove chat messages, but that is a great idea. We will put that on our todo list. Thank you for the feedback!


@Tyler Yes, both screenshots are from Android mobile devices. Other than this glitch, we love the chatterbox option and intend to roll it out to the Troop soon! Thanks.

@Tyler – thanks for providing me an ability to edit or delete the chatterbox. I believe I already had an ability to add, but just now tested the delete function. It worked. It did not allow me to edit or delete the actual comment, but it would be nice to have an ability to move a comment from one chatterbox to another.

For ex. Someone has posted a message in the wrong Chatterbox and it would be a good option for either chat creator or an admin to move the chat into a different chatterbox.

Thanks for your support.

Hi @IgorVeksler,

For that functionality it would be much faster and easier to just copy the comment, delete it, and then paste it into the desired chatterbox.

We don’t have this issue on iOS. I’m trying to figure it out on Android. But I have to find my Android tablet first!!! I don’t remember where I put it. Sheesh.

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Hey @dave! Any luck on finding your Android tablet? We really want to start using the chat functionality, but the ‘not being able to see what you’re typing’ issue is a deal breaker. My fingers are crossed that you’re making progress on this. Don’t be a Droid hater! :wink:

@toregan1I did find it, and verified the problem. @SpencerC is working on it. Thanks for following up!