How to use chat with TroopTrack Chatterbox feature

We are excited to announce the new chat feature within TroopTrack! This enables troops with better communication. It is more instant and easy than normal emails as troop members receive notifications on both mobile and web to keep up to date on their conversations.

Keep in mind that TroopTrack Chatterbox chat feature is still an early beta feature. TroopTrack hopes to arrive arrive at a finalized chat feature that makes TroopTrack so much more useful.

Here is how to enable the Chatterbox beta for your troop:

  1. A leader or member with the privilege “Manage troop settings” enabled must go to Settings “:gear:” > Edit Troop Settings > TroopTrack Settings > then toggle on the option “BETA FEATURE: Use TroopTrack’s new chat feature to communicate with members in real-time”.
  2. Then just simply use the normal site and go to Communicate > Chat.
  3. Everyone in the troop has access to participate in chat once it is enabled.
  4. The “Manage chatterboxes” privilege must be enabled for leaders or members who you want to create, edit, view, and participate in all chatterboxes.

Essentially, each Chatterbox is its own chat room. To create a new Chatterbox (chat room), you click the “+” icon on the Chatterbox page.

Things to keep in mind with the Chatterbox beta feature:

  1. We ask that as an early beta chat user you try to use the chat as much as you can. This way we can make sure every feature is being put to use for testing and perfecting.
  2. This new beta feature is exactly just that, a beta. Things may be broken, not work, look unappealing, and even dysfunctional.
  3. Your feedback is absolutely crucial. We are really trying to build a chat feature that the whole troop can use and communicate with. Please let us know what you’d like to see and get out of it! When you have feedback, new feature requests, or find things that don’t work, please post about it in the “Beta: Chatterboxes” thread on the TroopTrack Community. Please check and see if someone else has already reported it or requested it. If it has not been reported, please add a new topic and write down the Chatterbox bug/issue/problem you are experiencing. Be detailed and through in reporting your issues. Include screenshots if possible so we can see what you are seeing. If the issue has already been reported, please give that post a comment or a like so we can keep an eye out for the most popular bugs.

Let TroopTrack support know if you have any questions by emailing or posting your questions here on the community forums.

So where do the notifications end up? I just set up and sent my first chatterbox post, and I didn’t see any alerts… Thanks!

@SarahRose, a notification will come up within your notification center. You should see the notifications and access the TroopTrack notification center by clicking on the “Bell” icon in the upper right corner of the screen.