PENDING: Manage Members Page Layout

With TT4, the Manage Members page is extremely hard to read, making it impossible to easily scan the page for information.

  1. The visual indicators (colors) for the member types (adults, scouts, leaders, adults with no scout) are gone… everyone looks the same. Can we get the subtle indicator bars back, please?

  2. The position name (ie, “Leader”) is in light gray font and is hardly visible, let alone readable. Please make this a darker font. I am using the Cub Scout-inspired theme.

  3. The position titles are gone… all my leaders are displayed as “leaders” rather than their specific titles (ie, Committee Chair, Den Leader, Assistant Den Leader, etc.). Please replace “Leader” with the position title.


Thank you so much for feedback.

Let me address what you are seeing:

  1. The visual indicators (colors) for the member types (adults, scouts, leaders, adult) were a design change. We had received feedback that the colors were distracting and that no one ever knew what the colors meant as there was no key. We decided we could solve this problme by simply listing what every member is on their individual member card (adults, scouts, leaders, adults). If colors are more preferred we would love to hear more from the community on their overall thoughts.

  2. Thank you for pointing this out. We will get our technical team to fix this text as it is very hard to read. It has been added to their todo list.

  3. The position titles were removed because generally they were somewhat long. But we can bring those back on the same title line that currently exists so that the title would now read “Leader - Committee Chair” or “Leader - Den Leader”, etc. Thoughts?

Thanks again for your feedback. We love hearing from our TroopTrack troops/packs.


Hi @Tyler. Thanks for getting back to me.

  1. That’s disappointing to hear that others didn’t find value in the colors. For us, it was a great way to spot adults we had in our system that did not have scouts. Great for identifying prospects as well as families who have aged out.

  2. Thank you!

  3. I like that idea but wonder if it would fit the design better if the full titles were added below “Leader”, such as what you have for youth positions (see screen shot below). For example, for a leader it would say “Den Leader” in the same motif as “Den Chief” shows for a youth. Would that be doable?

Thanks again!

Love that idea for the leader title. I will communicate that over to our tech team and add that as you described to their to do list.

I will keep you updated.


I too liked the ability to quickly identify adults, but still it was confusing with scouts and adults mixed together. I think it would be helpful to the first row to consist only of leaders and then start a new row for the scouts. Then you don’t have to scan through the scouts to find the leaders

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The color differentiation from the previous version of TT did not translate well to this new version especially with the different themes, it really did look terrible. Perhaps there can be a way to do it that will look good visually but still differentiate quickly Scout vs Adult.

Yes it might help to understand better what you were each individually using the colors differentiators for. It sounds like the main liking of the colors was so that you could quickly find and select a leader/scout and then go to that leader or scouts profile? Is that correct?

I do like @dschmitt1996 's idea of have the top row (line) of any unit/den/group/patrol be dedicated to leaders, and then after that list all scouts.

Anyone else have the their specific use case of why they were using the color differentiators on the manage members page?


I agree with previous posts - please bring back the color-coded unit members! We are required to have specific adult/child ratios in each group, and the colors made it easy to tell at-a-glance which adults were assigned to each group. You mentioned that other people found the colors confusing. Maybe you could include a “key” for those who have trouble knowing what each color means?

Thank you for adding the leaders’ specific titles! That is helpful. However, not all of the adults in our units are considered leaders. Would it be possible to simply put “Adult” instead of giving all adults the title of Leader? Leaders and non-leader parents have different privileges, and creating the distinction would help us ensure that sensitive information or access is only given to the correct people.

Thank you!
J. Jones
AHG Troop Coordinator

Hi Jennifer,

We have added the titles back in for each member of the troop on the patrols/unit page. Each member has a title to quickly distinguish whether they are a leader, parent, or scout. Would you rather it be labeled adult over parent?


Hi Tyler!

Adult would be best, since not all of our adults are parents. (We occasionally have a grandparent, or aunt, etc.) Thank you so much!


If you check out this post from the Beta you can see a screenshot of what it looked like when the colors were there. It really did make the page hard to look at. Some themes were even worse.