Scout Leadership Positions

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Our boys just updated leadership positions and after inputting them in, most of the boys information didn’t change in the “Manage Patrols” area. How can we fix it where the boys that no longer have jobs do not have their old position listed and the boys that got new jobs the position changes from the old job to the new job? Our committee members use what’s listed in the “Manage Patrols” to know who they should be working with for their respective jobs (Secretary and Advancement need to know who is Scribe, Chaplain needs to know who the Chaplain Aid is, …). Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Hi @Navywife96,

If you put an end date on the old leadership positions, the new ones should show up without any further issues.

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Hi Matt! : )
It did for 3 of the boys, but not the rest. The end date was last Saturday and the old position is still showing up. Right now it’s showing 3 Patrol Leaders for 1 Patrol, another Patrol has 2 Assistant Patrol Leaders, and several Troop level positions are still showing even though the boys no longer have positions at all. Very confusing!!
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Hi @Navywife96,

I saw the patrol with the two Assistants. One of them had multiple positions and that confused the system. Make sure every other position except the one you want to show has an end date, then you can remove the end date, once you’ve confirmed that it is the right position. If they only have one position, then just ending the old one will resolve the problem.

How can a custom leadership position be added?


Thank you for asking this question here in the Community.

Start a new topic under the “Ideas” category, and tell us what positions you’d like added, then I will let our awards specialist know about the request and she will either add it or ask you any questions she may have.

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I didn’t see the “Information Master” position as an option add for a Scout. is this available in Trooptrack?

Hi @MarkMayher,

It should be on there soon. I added it to the queue. Normally doesn’t take long (unless I accidentally put it in the wrong place).