FIXED: Please provide visual differentiator between member types in Manage Dens like before

In the current site, member types (scout, parent, leader) have different colors to differentiate in the manage den view. In the new site it is only a small text label. Can you add a better indicator - either the color as before or symbol or something that is visually easy to see.


This would be super important feature in our troop as well! Especially when you have girls/moms in the same squad and they are new. Learning which is the leader vs child names can sometimes take a while.

The colors will vary by theme, but here’s a shot. I don’t really like it a whole lot.

I agree Dave, it makes the page much to busy and hard to look at. The eye is drawn to those small color boxes in the corner of each box because that is what stands out. What about just differentiating Adult vs Scout and make the whole background of say Adults the lightest color in the Theme’s palette?

I’m going to keep thinking about it for a bit. Maybe :cloud_with_lightning: will strike if I give it some time.

Instead of colored boxes inside those larger boxes, what if it was outlined or had a frame the entire larger box that delineated the colors? With the old boxes the entire box is a different color. If you outlined them, it would be less distracting but still enough to see at a quick glance?

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I agree this may take some fine tuning, but overall having a clear visual indicator is a big help. Thanks for adding it back in.

We removed the colors and just put the primary role in the box. Please let us know what you think.

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I like it. Much simpler and easier to look at.

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It works. Personally I like something more visual but I am fine with this as it is still very clear.

Suggestion: Can you actually list the rank instead of presenting it as “Scout (T)”? So it would be “Tiger”

Also - the height of the box is smaller for some rows than others. Not sure the pattern as it varies by den/patrol.

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