PENDING: Medical Book Privilege?

What privilege is necessary to give someone the right to view the Medical Book? (Manage --> Medical Book)



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It looks like that one actually requires an access level of “Unit.”

I believe it requires the privelege of “manage membership” at the unit level.
I wish it was a separate privilege. There are multiple priveleges that are lumped into Membership priveleges which requires the troop to give multiple people a very powerful priveleges or a few people must be responsible for multiple tasks.


We recently assigned the role of tracking Medical record status to a new scout parent. The thought was that this person would not keep the records but could keep the expiration dates correct in TroopTrack. But via process of elimination I discovered what is stated above. The only way to give this parent access is to give them “Manage troop members: Add, edit, or delete troop members” This is a very powerful privilege and not something I feel comfortable giving to a new scout parent I also wish there was a specific privilege just for this.


Even with that privilege, they are limited by their access level to perform those operations. I see the need for something here, though so I put in an enhancement request.


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I agree there should be the ability to split this type of privilege out to another parent. Right now this will have to be absorbed into a parent who is already volunteered to do other functions in the troop. It would be nice to spread this without having to risk other mishaps.

I would very much second this request. Generally the privileges function is one of the most powerful and important features of TroopTrack – the more flexibility we can get to allocate privileges the better.

Hi @mlsully2002 @dave,

Is there an update on this enhancement request? I also would like to give our Health & Safety Coordinators the ability to update medical record dates without giving them Membership privileges. Or maybe it has already been done?

Thank you!

It hasn’t been done yet @mwestcott1. Thanks for following up. I’m adding it to the to-do list

Thanks! You’re the best! :slight_smile:


We have built this feature. You can now access the Medical Book by going to Manage > Reports > Medical Book. Users must have the “Manage medical book” privilege enabled on their profile to access it.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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This is great! Thank you so much!!!

Is there any way to give a parent rights to manage (update/edit) the medical book without giving rights to add/delete members? Giving them “manage medical book” at the unit level lets them see the medical book but not update it. Am I missing something? The parent was able to update for their family via the profile page, but Reports → Manage Medical Book is still read-only.