Way to track and store Medical Forms much like the Training Book

Tracking Medical Forms can really be a problem area for any scout leader. Once we do have them, keeping track of them for your Troop can be even more difficult.

Currently we can go into each individual profile and mark when each form (A,B,C) was completed, and we have a link to upload the file (where is that stored BTW? Is it in the individual user’s files?). What I am proposing is a combined location where we can see the status of the Medical forms with the filters by patrol, so we can at a glance see which forms we have, and when they were completed. Also an alert when the form is expired (1yr) as well.


Excellent, as was mentioned in another idea; the need to better manage, with manage being the key phrase, the events, meetings and data is of utmost importance to the efficient running of a troop/pack.

Troop track must have the ability to run reports to see the exact status of each member’s medical form, create a list for each event confirming the status of each invitees medical form. There should be the ability to provide admin defined alerts (1 month, 2 months, whichever the need) that forms will expire (this alert feature should be carried thru to all forms or files uploaded).


For BSA, they do not want medical forms captured in any type of electronic format due to PII.

I do like the Medical forms to be link training for ease of data entry and reporting.


While the uploading of the forms is verboten, tracking the dates completed and expiry thereof seems to be ok. Scoutbook.com tracks the completion dates of the A/B and C as two separate date fields

A report that shows those prior to a user input date with Expired! in Red beside them or soemthing.
The concept of Communication Problems is good a report called “Med Form Problems” to highlight the things that are out of date or missing would be good.

Thank you guys for doing this in the Medical Book! Can you add to the Medical Book the option of including in the listing the contents of the Allergy Info field. Also having the page be able to sort based on the Column Headings of dates for A, B or C would let us zero in on those who are expired or have problems.

From a Unit control perspective it might be good to have a setting to make Medical Form Dates and Alergy info data maintenance something for which a discrete permission is required. Don;t really want people updating their own medical form dates, perhaps not a general feature for any person maintaining other Member data to maintiain. In our Troop Med form maintenance is a discrete adult volunteer role.

For making this relevant to unit leaders checking medical status for participants in a given event, having the checkbox option to include med form dates and potentially allergy info to the Event Attendance Sheet would give event leaders a quick and easy way to make sure that event participatns are “all clear” for a given events, or have the “Exclamation Point of Problem” Not sure if this should be based on the First or Last date of the event, but should be calculated from one of these event dates, not current date.

Thanks again for making improvements.

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We currently use the Notes section on the Scout to highlight allergies or food restrictions - and then can create a report on it.

Having that field on this new Medical Book - would be INVALUABLE. I hope it gets added soon. Enhancements like this help manage our 250+ (Adults and Scouts) membership Troop is appreciated.

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