PENDING: Scout Rank Tags On Manage Members Page

Under the manage members page, all the youth members listed has a rank tag listed under their name (alongside any leadership position they may carry and their age).

However, these tags are the Land Scout ranks.

  • Scout
  • Tenderfoot
  • Second Class
  • First Class
  • Star
  • Life
  • Eagle

As we are a Sea Scout unit, it would be more helpful to us to see their Sea Scout rank instead of the Land Scout ranks.

  • Crew (Sea Scouts don’t have a preparatory rank like the “Scout” rank in Land Scouts so they are just basic crew members when they first join and up until they earn the first rank)
  • Apprentice
  • Ordinary
  • Able
  • Quartermaster

Would this at all be possible to change for Sea Scout Ships?

Hi @JustinWeaver,

I can see how that could be a problem. We will get those ranks added to the Sea Scout list, and I’ve put this in for our tech team’s to-do list as well.

Would you happen to have a link to the requirements for each sea scout advancement? Thanks!

Sorry again for the long wait time, but we’ll get this fixed,

David Keener

I don’t think that is the issue as the ranks and their requirements are already in TroopTrack since we started using the service a number of years ago. We use that module everyday to track their advancement. If you go into any member’s Achievements tab, you will see their Sea Scout rank tracking and any of our special awards. There is also a place to track their “Land Scout” advancement if they are still in Scouts BSA, this can be toggled on when I create their profile.

The issue is those already installed Sea Scout ranks that have been earned don’t reflect on those tags on the Manage Crews page.


Okay, I’m glad that those ranks are already in the system, and that you’ve been able to track those. I have told our tech team about the issue of it showing Land Ranks for your Sea Scouts, and they are working on re-coding that for the Sea Scouts to show the proper ranks on the Manage Crews page.

Thank you for the clarification,

David Keener

Hello @Keener-Trooptrack !

I’m sure this is not a high priority item for you and the rest of the TroopTrack team as it is not system critical, but rather more aesthetic. However, I was curious if there was any progress on this. As a Sea Scout unit, I care much more about their Sea Scout ranks than I do their Land Scout ranks and it would be SO helpful to see that shown here.

Thank you all for everything. We do love TroopTrack and are committed users.

Hi @JustinWeaver,

We’ve re-categorized our requests/issues recently and I’m bringing this back up with the tech team.

Thanks for your patience with this,

David Keener

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Hi @JustinWeaver,

The tech team was able to fix this issue.
The Sea Scouts patrols should now show the sea scout ranks on their cards.


David Keener