New Sea Scout Requirements - Updated February 2022

The Sea Scout National Committee has updated the advancement requirements for 2022. The last time these were updated was in 2016. These new requirements should be posted on TroopTrack.

My suggestion is we do not modify or change the current ranks because that would impact Scouts currently working on the current requirements and would impact those who already completed the rank. I would create a whole new advancement option in TroopTrack dated for 2022+. Us unit leaders can then assign the appropriate advancement track (old or new) for where our Scouts currently are.

Attached is the updated list of requirements.


Hi @JustinWeaver,

I’ve added those new ranks in. Do the electives need to be added in too? If so, should I just make a new award type for those? (basically a category, currently Sea Scouts only has 3 rank, Special Opportunities Award, and Custom Awards).


David Keener

Fantastic! Thank You!

No I think the way you have electives currently shown is fine. When a Scout goes to select one, we can look through the list of electives online and then copy and paste that elective into the notes portion of the advancement to keep track of what was done.

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