FIXED: I can't enter merit badges or counselors

I’m trying to enter in rank advancement requirements but the option to enter merit badges is missing. I also can not assign or create new merit badge counselor requirements.

Hi @JustinWeaver - could you provide a bit more info, about how you are trying to enter merit badges and merit badge counselors? Maybe some screen shots with an explanation of what you expected to see? I would really appreciate that.

I find merit badge counselors to be confusing in TT. It’s on my list to re-design it. You go to Manage -> Merit Badge Counselors to see them, but there’s no way to update them from there. You have to go to the individual member profile and click on the merit badge counselor tab to update them.

Thanks @JustinWeaver!

Hi Dave,

This applies to any of my Scouts who are dual enrolled with a Land Scout Troop (We are a Sea Scout Ship). For these Scouts we select the “Still Scouting” option which opens up the records for the Land Scout Ranks (Scout to Eagle) of which we can keep track of their journey to Eagle no problem.

However, when I go to enter merit badges for my Scouts who are still in Land Scouts there is no option to add a merit badge to their record.

If you go to the “Start Achievement” tab, this is what I get (which is true for this Scout. I have all the available advancement options turned on for this Scout.) Nowhere can I find a place to add merit badges and attach them to a Land Scout Rank.


For our Merit Badge Counselor records, there is no place to add any of our adults who are also Counselors to this record.

Thanks @JustinWeaver. I will look into this today.

Here’s how I fixed the merit badge counselors. It will go live sometime today.

I’ll post about the merit badge issue in a bit.

For Ships and Crews, if the youth is “still scouting” I have added the “Start Merit Badge” button on the profile menu, like this:

Thanks @JustinWeaver for pointing this out!

That’s fantastic! Thanks Dave.
Any idea on when these will go live? I’m not seeing these updates yet on my end.

Now. :slight_smile: It’s live!

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