PENDING: Sending a email from mobile

Today I tried to send a email from my phone with the picture of a water bottle left at our PLC to find the owner.

iPhone 11 Pro Max

In safari it looked like this:

Then I got this:

So I tried google chrome on my iPhone and it looked like this:

Still couldn’t send it with a photo.

I did all of this on my phone here…just FYI


You are experiencing two problems:

  1. Images are not uploading within the text editor on Safari. This is definitely a bug and our tech team will get on it. We thought this was fixed, but apparently it was only fixed for the web app (desktop) version of the site. Thank you for reporting this.

  2. The issue you are seeing in chrome is a problem with your cache. The editor you are seeing in that screenshot within chrome is how our old CSS file displayed the editor. If you could clear your cache is chrome on your iPhone that should fix the problem. See how to clear your cache in mobile chrome browser here. Please let me know if that fixes that for you.

Thanks for the reporting Jeff! It is very much so appreciated.