Mobile Friendly Email

It would be SUPER helpful if email sent through Troop Track could be enlarged and still conform to the width of a mobile device so the recipient doesn’t have to scroll back and forth to read the email on a phone after making the font bigger. When I first open email sent via Troop Track, it appears it to do this, but then it quickly shifts back to a smaller font that fits the width of my phone, and when I enlarge the font, it expands beyond the width of my screen. If there’s an easy fix on my end, please let me know! Thanks!

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This is a great idea here.

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This will depend greatly on what type of device you are using and what Mail application you use on that device. For instance on my iPhone using the built in Mail app the message is formatted very nicely for the mobile screen. However in the Gmail App the the text is very small, if I pinch and make it larger then it extends off the screen but this isn’t really increasing the font just increasing the magnification. There may be system wide or application specific font change options but again would be specific to device and app. On iPhone this is in Settings -> Display & Brightness -> Text Size, however it only works for apps that support Apples Dynamic Type, which the native Gmail app does not appear too in my testing.

Thank you for your helpful response. I do use the Gmail app, hence the pinch magnification and off the screen extension.