Placing parents in 2 Units

My TC asked me if there was a way to put an adult in more than one Unit. We have some, like our Board members who are not only board, but also unit leaders. They need to be able to be in both places to receive emails and notifications. We also have parents who have multiple roles within the troop and need to be in different places as well. Is there a way to do this?

I found this when I started to type this post: Ability for Adult leaders to see multiple patrols they are responsible for without having UNIT permissions It seemed to contain several ideas and layers to my questions. But it didn’t look like anything new had been added or discussed since 2017.


No, it is still not possible to have one person in several Units. There are some different things you can do to help with the communication issues, some were discussed in that thread you linked. There are several other similar threads also.

Yes, we’ve done some of those things. But it’s still a feature we’d love to see. :smiley:

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