Ability for Adult leaders to see multiple patrols they are responsible for without having UNIT permissions

As a Scoutmaster for a large troop, I need the ability to setup my patrols in the BSA recommended sizing of 6-8 boys per patrol. If I do this, then the adult leaders can only see the boys in the patrol they are members of, and cannot see the other patrols they are responsible for. It is not feasible to give UNIT Access Level because then they see all of the other groups (Varsity and Venturing) in our Unit.


I think this is a great recommendation. Adding more roles with their associated permission or privileges or the ability to create custom roles and associate specific privileges would be great. For example, we could create a role called District or council, where we could invite and grant our district or council personnel access to troop track to see what may be important to them to see the progress of the troop/pack, etc.

Same for the Chartering Organization and Committee, a role can be created for them to be able to see how things are going without the need to constantly run reports, etc. since we can grant them the ability to run the reports themselves. Time saver!!!


There’s some TT documentation that says to leave adults “unassigned” so they can get copied on all emails to their Scouts. If we assign an adult to one Patrol, but their Scout is in another, will they still receive a copy of their child’s emails? Are their other pro/cons to having adults assigned to Patrols?


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What! I have to leave them unassigned or they don’t get their child’s emails? That’s not obvious behavior. Where does the documentation say that?

Look at the number 7 on this link:

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I think you are getting wrapped around the axel a little bit…

The recommended structure is to keep all of the parents (who are not in a leadership position) in the unassigned group, and ensure that the setting “Copy parents on all youth emails” is marked. This is to make organization and management of the Troop easier.

Many times, to get the correct permissions as a leader, you have to be a member of the patrol you lead (Unless you have permissions at the UNIT level). My issue is if I split my patrols up into smaller groups (I have 16 boys), then the leaders can only manage the boys in the patrol they are part of. I can give them UNIT level access, but then they see EVERYONE and it gets confusing for them.

Even if you are a LEADER in a different patrol than your child, you will still get the notices that are meant for your child so long as the option mentioned above is checked.

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Thanks for clarifying. Since we have dads that go on some camping trips, I put them in a “dads patrol.” I was worried this was defeating the email to parents.

Couple of points - I have a larger Troop 86 Boys, 186 Parents.

I put the parents in a "Parents Patrol"
I put the Committee in a "Troop Committee Patrol"
I put the SM - ASMs in a “SM ASM Patrol”

By doing this I get 3 Magic Mailing lists dynamically updated. This is to your leaving them in the unassigned Patrol. I use that patrol for parents who haven’t finished out Troop Registration process of contact info, med forms, etc…

As far as permissions - you are correct, there is a lack of granularity on the levels of access. Having an ASM be a part of the Patrol is not as I would like to see.

My understanding- from an IT background - the effort this might take sounds daunting. No telling how much legacy security rewrites it will have to take into account. Plus, every TT Customer would effectively need to revisit Troop assignments if a change like this might happen.

I welcome the change and hope for more granularity on the security side. Our Troop is a large machine and it takes a lot of effort from a lot of people. I would love to be able to break up the TT responsibilities into smaller scopes because even with them being smaller scopes - each scope is a big job with a Troop our size. I would love to delegate only vehicle updates to a committee person, delegate patrol access to ASMs, delegate training to a committee member, delegate only contact information updates to a committee member, etc…


As a GS leader, I have two troops we are keeping TT records for and a total of eight co-leaders. I would like to make sure the appropriate co-leader gets invited to events that are just for their age level, but some are responsible for more than one group. I would love to be able to assign leaders to multiple groups so they get the appropriate e-mails, invitations, etc. Also, some do not have a child in the troop so they would not be copied on any youth messages.

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I have created “units” for all of my parent committees and groups so parents can look at the troop and see where their volunteer assignments are. In doing so, I realize I need to place some parents in multiple “units.” How can I do this, or, is there a better way for me to show parent assignments and committee groups?


I like the idea of having a ASM “assigned” to a patrol or patrols. Associating them with the “unit” would be a great enhancement. We have ASMs assigned to different patrols and mentors for leadership positions.
ASM #1 = Patrol 1 + Patrol 2,
ASM # 2 = Patrol 2 + Patrol 3,

Maybe a subscription to the “patrol” so that they can be added to the Magic mailing list for that group.

As for leadership positions or for committee roles - it would be nice to have some kind of drag and drop similar to the Patrol organization. I’m stumped on how to make a suggestion on how to make the association to reflect many roles to a single person. And have many persons shown in a single “role”.

ASM #1 = Chaplin + Librarian + Historian,
ASM #2 = Quartermasters,
ASM #3 = ASPLs,
Parent #1 = popcorn fundraiser committee, holiday pot luck committee, training committee
Parent #2 = scout book fundraiser committee, holiday pot luck committee, Board of Review Feedback committee,

I can see how multiple committees would be easily maintained with custom mailing lists - but that is not very dynamic. Examples = Fundraising@domain.trooptrack.email, committeemembers@domain.trooptrack.com

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I am completely for this enhancement. I see the best way of doing it is to change the way people are linked into Patrols and Dens. For attendance and seeing positions, it would be good to be able to link adults into multiple patrols. We have adults that are the Patrol Mentors for 2 patrols. When printing rosters and sending emails, it would be great if those adults would automatically be included in both patrols, but they aren’t because we can’t currently link them to both.

Parents who are not in a leadership position for the patrol itself we don’t actually link to the patrol and don’t want them in it. When linking an adult to the patrol, it might also be nice to be able to choose/show WHY they are linked to the patrol? IE: Primary Patrol Mentor, Assistant Patrol Mentor, whatever, but that’s not really too important right now.

If this were done, then the existing access level permission should handle it - I would be set to patrol and because I’m linked to 2 patrols I would get access to those 2 patrols.

You should even link this with the role-based enhancements requests when you do this so that the Access Level is set by the Roles I’m assigned to instead of on my direct user profile. That way when I’m marked as a Patrol Mentor, I automatically get upgraded to the “Patrol” Access Level.

I have the exact same situation here. Let me know if you find a solution!!!

In our GS Service unit, adults frequently wear many hats. We have service unit team members that lead multiple troops, and their children may or may not be in those troops. Parents may or may not be leaders or volunteers, or cookie moms, or any combination of roles, and parents often have girls in more than one troop. It would be very useful to be able to add individuals to multiple troops, not just for email purposes, but for all of the connections that being in a troop applies to - calendar events, and attendance and so on. Creating a custom mailling list is a band aid, which works for the email part, but is not ideal. I’m hoping this issue is addressed soon.

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More support for this idea…

Though admittedly I’m a little upset that with the amount of posts already in favor of it, or something like it, that this situation hasn’t been addressed already.

While the security options offered by TT are superior to some of the products out there, there are obviously some issues with them that need to be worked through. In my mind the best way to manage something like this is going to be, from a UI perspective, with a simple multi-column check list:

None Self Household Den1 Den2 Den3 Unit Money--------------------------------X Photos---------X Achievement----------------X

The example above would allow a Den Leader, who is also the Treasurer, the ability to handle their business effectively without being able to manage achievements for every Scout in the Pack. Currently, this leader simply has to have Unit level permissions for everyone because otherwise she couldn’t do her job as Treasurer.

I believe there are already enough posts warranting such a change and would appreciate if we could get a response on what the long-term intentions are, if such a thing exists I would appreciate if someone could point me to it as it’s possible I have just missed in trying to catch up on all the ideas from the past.


I will toss my hat in here to support this request. In our Cub Scout pack, we have 2 Tiger dens and 3 registered Tiger den leaders. The dens often work together on activities, and the leaders will work with a subset of the boys at each meeting, which are not necessarily boys in their own den. It would be helpful for these 3 leaders to all be assigned to both dens so that they can mark off advancement for all of the Tigers, not just those boys in their own den.

And from attending U of Scouting for several years, I have met WAY too many den leaders that run multiple dens, often for their own sons (one son is a Wolf, the other son is a Webelos, for example). This change would also help in that situation.

Where is TT at with this? This is a must and needs the ability added ASAP.

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