Please add new Training Modules

Our AHG Troop would like a few new training modules added, please. They should include the completed date and should not expire. Thank you!

AHG Ceremonies and Special Events
AHG Delivering a Balanced Program Using the Six Program Emphases
AHG Effective Troop Planning – a Path to Success
AHG Embracing Conflict
AHG Girl Leadership - Let Go & Let Them Lead
AHG Recruiting & Selecting Adult Volunteers
AHG Songs & Games - Plan for Fun!
AHG Tending Your Flock—Caring for Your Volunteers
AHG Weaving Spiritual Development into Your Troop
AHG Habitudes - Growing Leaders
AHG- Badge Philosophy Webinar

With the exception of the last item, these are training modules/seminars from the AHGequip Live! events.

Hi @ElizabethBowman,

Can you please provide a link to something from AHG with more information on these? I like to include official info when I can.

Thank you.

HI Matt,

Yes, I can provide additional information; but I did not think it appropriate to put it in a public forum. Is this reply going to show up in the forum?



None of these trainings should be secret or anything. I just need like a link to a pdf or some AHG site where people can go to learn more about what the trainings are. Shouldn’t be anything personal.

You have to log in to see them. That’s the only secret part to them. How about a screen shot?

They don’t have any public documents with descriptions or anything?

Meh, I’ll just add these trainings. It’s nice when we can add more info about them, but sometimes we can’t and that’s ok.

Thank you.

Most of the training documents are not public.

Okay, they should all be available now.

Thank you.

I see them. Thank you!

How do I ask a question? I have just joined and do not see where I can do anything except reply to a post.

This should do the trick: