Update AHG Training?

Hi @AaronStorey

AHG has updated their training modules. Can these 8 be added to TroopTrack?

Charter Representative: Facilitating a Thriving AHG Troop
Troop Coordinator and Vice Coordinator: Partners in Ministry Leadership
Troop Treasurer: Creating a Stable Foundation for a Flourishing Troop
Fundraising for a Flourishing Troop Program
Budgeting for a Successful Troop Program Year
AHG Faith Award Program (There is already one called AHG Faith Award Training - I do not know if they are the same training?)
Casting Troop Vision for Increased Unity and Impact
Planning a Program Year Full of Vision and Purpose

Also, there are multiple instances of “Mentoring Stars & Stripes Candidates Successfully” that can be reduced to 1 training.

Thank you!

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I alerted Dave to these changes. I don’t know enough about AHG, are there requirements to these trainings that will need to be posted and if so is there any documentation you can share that would have that?

Thanks for your response!

The trainings themselves are online on AHG’s website, so the only thing that needs to be tracked in TroopTrack is the completion date.

As far as I can tell, they do not have expiration dates, either.

We are planning to continue recording our troop’s training data in TroopTrack because AHG’s website is not doing it correctly.


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