Please help, I cannot complete registration for myself

I followed the link provided by my troop to register myself (parent) and followed all the prompts. I was then taken to the screen to register my son but was never given the option to register myself. My screens do not have the same tabs that are shown in the help section (for example Manage- members- add a member is not listed under my troop track page). Since my son is in the Fox group I also have to attend all events and must be registered and take all necessary training. Any ideas on how to complete the registration for myself?


What is the response for the question? I have the same problem.

@CoreyCaudle It looks like this got taken care of for you already!

@DeanRogers2 Your leaders need to log in and invite you as a “registered adult” which is technically considered a leadership position by Trail Life. Since your troop currently uses TroopTrack Lite, your Charter Organization Representative can log on and go to Members > Members > Add a Member. They need to select the blue “Add a new leader” button and choose your name from the dropdown menu. They can then choose “Registered Adult” or any other leadership position as appropriate and then click Create Leadership Application. This will then allow you to complete the registration process. If they have any questions, they can email me directly at

I am having the same problem as CoreyCaudle who asked the question. Do I need to contact my troop leader to do anything?

Yes, you will need to follow the steps outlined in my response above. Your troop leaders should be able to get you set up. :slight_smile: If you have additional questions or concerns, go ahead and email me at