Help with membership of a household where some are not reregistering?

We have a family wherein the parent (a registered adult) and one child have paid to re-register for this year, but two other children are not continuing in the program. TroopTrack is telling them that it will not let them see anything or continue unless all four of them have paid.

How do I (or they) separate the registrations so that they can access their account again? (The two youth who are not continuing are in the “Unassigned” patrol grouping, while the dad and the third youth are correctly assigned, if it makes any difference.)

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the community Kristin, I am curious what type of unit you are with? I am a BSA unit and individuals do not pay for their registration the Unit does. Unfortunately I can’t provide any help other than to say you may want to e-mail directly as its harder for @KelsieC to keep up with the Community than e-mail.

@AaronStorey is correct! It’s much easier for me to keep track of what is going on when it is sent directly to me rather than posted here. Or you can always tag me like he did, which also sends me an email.

Kristin, if you could email me directly with your troop number and everyone’s names (as well as which ones are staying registered/active and which ones are not), I can assist you with this further. :slight_smile:

I’m with a TrailLife USA troop. I just thought that maybe there was a trick that I did not know about, which is why I started with the community instead of technical support! I’ll email them directly with this. Thanks!