Please rename some BSA training (for consistency)

The following should be renamed to match the rest of the existing SCO_??? entries.
The names and training IDs are taken from this pdf.

  • “Cub Scouting Purposes” to: SCO_200 Cub Scouting Purposes
  • “Year Round Fun” to: SCO_201 Year Round Fun
  • “Cub Scouting Ideals” to: SCO_202 Cub Scouting Ideals
  • “The Methods of Cub Scouting” to: SCO_204 The Methods of Cub Scouting
  • “Working With Parents and Families” to: SCO_205 Working With Parents and Families
  • “Supplemental Leader Resources” to: SCO_206 Supplemental Leader Resources
  • “How Dens and Packs Work” to: SCO_210 How Dens and Packs Work
  • “Other Awards Cub Scouts Can Earn” to: SCO_215 Other Awards Cub Scouts Can Earn
  • “Advancement Recognition and Recording” to: SCO_216 Advancement Recognition and Recording
  • “Core Resources For Leaders” to: SCO_217 Core Resources For Leaders
  • “Selecting Leaders” to: SCO_218 Selecting Quality Leaders
  • “The Pack Committee” to: SCO_219 The Pack Committee
  • “Scouting Organizational Structure” to: SCO_220 Scoutings Organizational Structure
  • “Nine Elements of Effective Planning” to: SCO_222 Nine Elements of Effective Planning
  • “Monthly Planning” to: SCO_223 Monthly Planning
  • “Working With Boys - Overview” to: SCO_224 Working With Boys - Overview
  • “The Cubmaster” to: SCO_225 The Cubmaster
  • “Annual Program Planning” to: SCO_227 Annual Program Planning
  • “Pack Funding” to: SCO_228 Pack Funding
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I think I got them all.

Double check and make sure.

I also switch a lot of these from both Boy and Cub scouts to just cub.

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This looks great, thank you for taking care of this.
I noticed one small typo:

SC0_216 Advancement Recognition and Recording

It should be the letter O in SCO, not the numeral 0. Thanks!

Ok. I got it.