Adding another "Tribe"

I’ve asked this before, but before they added the User Community. We have another “tribe” in our council. Similar to Mic O Say, Nani Ba Zhu. I have Mic O Say and OA listed under each scout, can we add Nani Ba Zhu?

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@melissa will you please look into this? Thank you.

Since many Boy Scout camps have their own honor camping societies, perhaps we would be better served by having a generic set of functionality for these groups. As long as we have a place to insert the appropriate name, I think the groups are similar enough that what you have set up for Mic-O-Say would work for most groups. I’d love to get feedback from other groups to validate my assumption. Since OA is national it makes sense to me that it would remain separate. We have scouts in our unit that participate in both.


I am not sure what Mic O Say or Nani Ba Zhu are. Can you give me more information on this?

Hi Melissa,

If you go into any Boy scout record there is a tab for both OA (Order of the Arrow) and Mic-O-Say. These are honorary camping societies. OA is a nationally recognized by the BSA. Mic-O-Say is specific to two BSA summer camps in Missouri. Other camps though out the country have their own versions with their own names and traditions. Most if not all of them are loosely based on Native American traditions. The main purpose of all these programs is to encourage boys to stay in scouting, continue to come back to summer camp and advance in scout rank. Please let me know if you would like more detail.


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Thank you for the information!

Are these set up as leadership positions? I saw the OA in leadership, but I did not see the other. Or are these awards?

More like ranks. Very parallel to scout rank. Usually Scouts"advance"
each year they attend camp. As long as they also have advanced in scout

@ChristopherShackelfo @KellyHeffner

After talking it over with Dave, he suggested using a custom award for the new tribe. See if that will work for your needs. Let us know :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what that means. Would you set them up just the same way you set up Mic-O-Say and OA? Or did you envision something different?


To set up a custom award, go to Manage>Settings>Add Custom Award and it is pretty easy to do. It may not be quite the same as the others, but I think it will help you keep track. I can also add these titles to Youth Leadership if you would like.

To the contrary, I would recommend that you use the Mic-O-Say record. There are many similarities, and given that, when re-instituted in 1990, at Camp Cedars, the Tribe of Mic-O-Say was utilized as its model, I think that the Mic-O-Say tracker will serve you well.

Keep in mind that the “Mother” Mic-O-Say tribe (that is, the original one, in Saint Joseph, Mo), freely distributes its program to any other interested council, so long as that council agreed to not call their program Mic-O-Say. There are many other Mic-O-Say based tribes, to include the Tribe of Lone Bear (A nickname for Bartle, himself, the founder of the Tribe of Mic-O-Say), the Tribe of Manasseh (Lewis and Clark Council), Golden Eagle, and others.

That would normally work except that we do have boys in Mic-O-Say. Our troop attends two summer camps every year. Some boys are involved in Mic-O-Say, some in Nani Ba Zhu, some in Order of the Arrow. Some in two of the three and some in all three. So we were looking for some way to keep track of this. :confused: