Present Awards

I’m going through and marking off badges that have been purchased. I don’t need to mark all of them, so as I go in and search for the ones I do need to check off, I check them off badge by badge. All of the “Our Flag” badges, then I will search all the “Patch Rockers”. If I don’t hit “Save” after each individual badge, it doesn’t save the ones I checked off. When you have 888 entries to go through and not everyone needs to be checked off, it can make a person a little crazy. And my family will tell you I’m crazy already. :smirk: Is there a way to search badges in groups, check off the boxes you want, and then save it all instead of having to do either all the badges or doing them in groups, saving, and starting all over?

I am not sure if this is what you are looking for, but when I go to Present Awards I click at the top where it says “Award” and when I click on the word Award it sorts it by award in alphabetical order. I then can check off those badges and save.

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I do that as well, but when we have 30 girls who earned the Travel Badge, it becomes tedious to click each individual box. Our troop is almost 90 girls and I had almost 900 individual lines of badges, patches, and awards to click on purchased. To click on those boxes 900 times could probably make me a little batty. We also double check our badges to make sure the the numbers are right, girls have presented badges, etc. To make that easier, I search for an award. It will only pull up that one award, I check them, make sure I ordered them all, then click them all as purchased at one time. If you don’t hit save right after marking that group it doesn’t save the boxes you checked off. I didn’t realize that and went through thinking I could just change all the information in the search box and move on to another award. I hit save about 1/2 through to refresh it all, only to discover that it only saved my changes to the last award I had marked.

Does that make more sense? I was just trying to save time. And maybe be a little lazy at the same time. :wink:

Oh I see! Yes I can see how that would be tedious! Hopefully someone else can help!