Purchased Badges

Hi! We love being able to record whether or not badges have been purchased, but we need a function where we can check a box that indicates the badge has been purchased (and then AWARDED ON, and RECOGNIZED) for an ENTIRE unit. Right now, we have to go into individual accounts to click on the “purchased” box and do the same for when the other actions occur. We love being able to keep up with this information but need a way to do it “bulk”.

Can you create a category for “awarded badges” that will allow us to checkbox PURCHASED (for unit or individual), enter date for AWARDED ON, and then yes/no for RECOGNIZED?

Thank you!
Cynthia Puckett

Hi @CynthiaPuckett,

Please check out Achieve > Present Awards. You can mark items as purchase, awarded, and recognized in bulk. There is a date selector button on that page for the Awarded on date.

Thank you for addressing this so quickly!

Cynthia Puckett