Presidential Service

Is there a way for TT to automatically populate the Presidential Service Awards? Not sure if it would be possible since they calculate hours based on age and not scout levels.


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It would be important to be able to set the start/end dates since I imagine those would vary from group to group. (e.g. ours is April 15-April 14 of next year.)

Would it be possible to use the dating feature with this question? Maybe combine the two?

If we can start and stop service hours for Presidential Tracking could we set it for our troop to be able to define counting the stars for our current year.

Can you tell I’m not a programmer? I just married one. :smiley:

My hubby gave me an idea. He takes care of our son’s basketball website. Each year he creates a new calendar year and all games assigned from that point forward go to that year’s data base. Is it possible to start a model in the data that allows users to define a new scouting year? (That last sentence were SOOOOO his words and not mine. :wink: ) Would that allow users to automatically put badges, pins, awards, and service hours to a specific year?

Now that I’ve said all that, I realize that he was programming for a much smaller group. I’m not sure what would it would entail to do something like that on a much larger scale for TT.

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