Print Award Cards

My son is working on his Eagle memorabilia book to display at his court of honor. With numerous moves during his Scouting career, many of the merit badge award cards have been misplaced. Is there any way in Troop Track to print all of his award cards? I know you can print award cards at the time of submitting an advancement report; however, that is only for the recent awards since last printing. Any way to print them from back in time?

Hi @RodneyGrabowski,

Some award cards have the same generic image, but there are a few ways to do this. For blue cards, just go to the scout’s profile, click the “Achievements” tab, and press “Print My Blue Cards”.

For the ranks and other award cards, you will need to edit them, remove the “Awarded on” date and then you can go to Achieve > Print Award cards to print the rest.