What are award cards?

I am new to all of this! Can someone show me a pic of the Award Cards and tell me how I would use them? What size are they? Thanks!

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Hi @Zaichenko,

Here’s an example of what it looks like:

Here’s what it looks like if you choose the option to include the lines:

I hope that helps!

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How do these work?

I’ve wondered what these are too – can Trooptrack print these? On regular paper?

Or is a special card-stock required?


Hi @njmike,

I just did a test. You can print them on regular paper and they look fine (kind of flimsy though).

The one above is for AHG, for you, I believe you will need to go to Achieve > Print Blue Cards. You won’t break anything by testing it out. Pressing print will show you a PDF preview before it actually prints.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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Thanks - one last question - how does this work?

When I go to Print Award cards, the display is blank - I imagine scouts or their awards to print should display.

We just started using TroopTrack several weeks ago, and have not yet started using the Achievement features.

If it’s already documented, just point me there please.

Hi @njmike,

This is kind of vague:

But you can create a test scout, fill in some merit badges, and then print out their test achievements with this feature by selecting the merit badge, and then the test scout.

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@njmike The award cards page will only list awards that are complete but haven’t been presented yet.

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So I go over to “Record Individual Achievement” and I see the following fields…

What specifically on this page, triggers an award to show up on the Reward Cards list/printout?

Completed On



Hi @njmike,

You will need to leave “Recognized” unchecked for it to appear.

Then you will go to Achieve > Print Award Cards.

And if you print it:

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