Print BSA Youth Applications Online (12/09/2015)

You asked for it... You can now print pre-filled BSA Youth Applications with TroopTrack.

Also, for the future... I'm thinking about adding a self-registration workflow to TroopTrack.

You would provide joining members a link and they would fill out an application. That data would go straight into TroopTrack as a pending member (i.e. no access) and they would get a completely filled out membership application. They would sign the app, turn it in to you, you would mark them complete and they would be able to log in to TroopTrack. What do you think?


Resurrecting an old thread to say “Yes, please!” Our council still hasn’t enabled online registration, so this would be the next best thing.

One related feature request is I’d like a place to enter the details for the Transfer application section. Parents rarely know their Scout’s member ID, so I end up entering it myself after getting it from the pack leadership when the Scouts cross over to our troop.


PS: I’d suggest completing the forms using mixed case rather than all uppercase. Even with the handwritten forms, we’ve ended up with some weird capitalization in ScoutNET. I can fix the O’Connors come annual registration, but the system refuses to save French (d’Entremont) or Italian (DiMartino) capitalization, so I have to talk to the registrar to get it fixed.

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@ugarrda - My council just enabled online registration and it leaves a lot to be desired. It feels like it’s right out of 1997! For all the money I’m sure BSA paid for it, it’s a shame they shoehorned it into the My.Scouting framework. And it doesn’t do anything about all the other paper forms that you ask a parent to complete, like a consent form, medical form, etc. Our pack has decided to stick with the paper application for the foreseeable future.

@dave - I like the idea! This solves many of the problems with the BSA online registration. If there was a way that parents could digitally sign the doc, create a PDF, and store it in the scout’s Files tab, it would be even better. I would need the ability to modify a couple choices on the application, such as Boys’ Life subscription (we are a 100% BL unit). Then I can just email that PDF to my council registrar.

@dboring, that’s a bummer about online registration, but I guess I’m not surprised. I just like the idea of one fewer sets of hands touching the data. Our registrar is great but mistakes happen.

I withdraw my mixed case suggestion, as the form itself specifies all caps. The registrar is quick to fix any spelling errors if I ask her to.

Yes yes yes! I am finding myself in dire need of this right now, as we’re going through membership drives and building our Tiger den for this year. The BSA application process leaves a lot to be desired. What @dave outlined above “for the future” sounds great!

So, are we in the future yet? :wink: