Printing with Page Breaks

Hi! I’m new to Troop Track, and I was wondering when I Print Agenda
by Unit for American Heritage Girls if there was any way that we can
have a page break between units? They print with the units in
alphabetical order, but that isn’t the order that we present them and I had partially printed achievements for a couple of girls that were on two pages. It made it a little challenging for presenters. :wink:

I greatly appreciate your work. It was so nice to have the awards and
girls names just ready for printing. It saved me a ton of extra work

Thanks for your time.

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A page break between units would be really helpful! Our agenda by unit report also seems to paginate in strange places…there are some huge white spaces, and some girls are split between two pages.


Hi @ChristinaTaube and @amberlea112,

Thanks for bringing up this idea on the Community! I think having page breaks between units on the printed agendas might be a very helpful feature.

Before we proceed with development, I would like to hear some +1’s from a few more people or if there are any other ideas for this, we’d like to be able to do it all at once if possible.

Thanks again and we look forward to hearing more about this from the community!

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