Presenting awards

When AHG trooos print their “agenda by unit”, can the units be listed in order of age? Every troop that I know of presents badges from youngest to oldest units, and it would be nice not to have to flip back and forth in the print-out. The order would be:
Pathfinder, Tenderheart, Explorer, Pioneer, and Patriot.

Thank you!


Thanks for the idea. I put in a request to allow for greater customizability for the agenda printing (including by age).



@mlsully2002 - A couple additional sorts & features that I would like to see:

  • Sort by type. For example, in Cub Scouts we present rank awards at pack meetings, and don’t need to know about adventure loops/pins, but in a den meeting we need to know about adventure loops/pins, but not rank awards. If the report could be sorted so all rank awards are together, the Cubmaster can refer to that section only and ignore the adventure loops/pins, and vice versa for a den leader.
  • Export to CSV. I can do anything with the list in Excel that is not supported online.


I’ve added your customization ideas to the ticket for this. Thank you.

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This is desperately needed! Although, my troop presents them from oldest to youngest so that the younger girls can watch the older, more experienced girls and won’t be so nervous about going up on stage. (Patriot, Pioneer, Explorer, Tenderheart, Pathfinder)

I see above that it was suggested three years ago and still not implemented. I am preparing for my Court of Awards tonight and realized that for the past three years I have literally cut (with scissors) and paste the document onto separate pages because I don’t have PDF editing software. If each unit started on a separate page, it wouldn’t matter what order they print in and you could give each unit to the person who is reading those awards (rather than the way I literally cut a paper in half and give each half to a different person this time).

Also, there’s a weird feature where if a girl’s awards start on one page and finish on the next, the rest of that page is blank. It seems like it should move that girl’s entire record to the following page and then continue with the other records, but it doesn’t do that. (Let me know if you’d like me to share my latest “Agenda by Units” as an example.)